Testing, testing…1-2-3

At Aerodyne, our design process is one of the key things that will impress you as a client. We created it because we want to support our customers throughout the manufacturing process and we always want to ensure there is room for innovation, even when it comes to a problem we may have already ‘solved’. 

Aerodynamics isn’t a challenge that stands still (if you’ll pardon the pun). There is always more data to review and materials, designs and tests that can deepen our knowledge. 

We are industry leaders in the design and development of aerodynamic solutions and that’s probably down to the attention we give to the understanding and analysing of our solutions. It’s rare in our industry that you will benefit from quite this much testing and reporting, but we’ve made it a brand value. 

As a result, we are proud to add real and tangible value to your fleet operations.  

Our three-step design process 

Our simple, three step process starts with understanding the challenge. 

At this point, you’ll receive a CVAS report from us (Commercial Vehicle Aerodynamics Survey) which we will use to understand how your existing aerodynamics can be improved to provide the greatest benefits to you and the environment. We believe it’s critical to undertake this level of research in order to provide you with the perfect piece of kit, whether that is a standard product or a bespoke solution, designed and manufactured specifically for your fleet. 

This complete service approach led to the success we had when we worked with Ocado on their new CHG-powered tractor units. Despite considerable benefits achieved directly from this change of fuel, we were able to deliver an additional 7.2% fuel saving across their fleet by adding our Aeromatic solution as a wind deflector system that could work and be adjusted to suit both their 4.2-metre-high and 5-metre-high single-deck trailers. 

In their own words, “Aerodyne stood out for their attention to detail….it was clear from day one that they were keen to work with us to get to where we wanted to be.” 

Which takes us nicely back to the importance of a process which accompanies our entire customer journey. 

Data is the new business currency 

Stage 2 is all about the analytics. These days, businesses cannot survive without data. It allows for insights we previously simple couldn’t access. It informs decision making and, most importantly, it enables us to deliver continuous improvement. But data in its raw form is no use without the expertise to analyse it and apply your findings. 

We use the CVAS data and combine it with our own market-leading expertise, plus scientific reports and information relating to ROI (return on investment). A key element of this data comes from our commitment to testing the performance of our products. We utilise 6 different testing methods, and this is especially useful when it comes to proving ROI, which now believe can be achieved in as little as 6 months. 

Our client at Springpak beat even that ROI and said “after 5 months, the equipment has paid for itself.” An incredible result which really puts the investment in aerodynamics into the ‘no brainer’ camp. 

Delivery is key 

Our third phase is to ensure we deliver against the targets. We use the latest CAD and CNC processes to design, develop and manufacture the chosen aerodynamic solution. Our experience and innovative approach really comes to the fore at this stage as we seek to create the perfect piece of kit for the job at hand. It’s possible for us to modify designs to fit various body/trailer heights and cab-to-body gaps as well as accommodate extra requirements such as bulkhead-mounted refrigeration units. 

One client stated that our bespoke air kit design “exceeded all expectations” while another referred to us as “a true turnkey supplier” because of our involvement and dedication at every stage of the process. 

 This passion to create a great client experience is at the heart of what we do, and it is shared by the whole team. It’s one of the key reasons Aerodyne has grown from entrepreneurial startup to expert advisor status over its history. Today, we remain committed to helping and fleet operator to make savings on fuel and on their carbon footprint, whether they have a single truck or a fleet of thousands. 

Find out more about us and read some of our case studies at www.aerodyneuk.com