Aldi save additional 3%+ fuel & carbon on tractors!

Helping Aldi be better everyday Aldi is one of Britain’s fastest-growing supermarkets, with more than 990 stores and around 40,000 employees. Aldi are building a brand that ‘makes the everyday amazing’ offering the highest quality at guaranteed low prices, a smarter way to shop. Along with values centred around fairness and respect, it’s a natural … Continued

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Supermarket Home Delivery – increase fleet efficiency with SALES!

6% fuel-saving for 3.5tonne Mercedes Sprinter with HDV fridge box body

Aerodyne has been working in conjunction with  a leading fleet operator in the global food market, trialing fuel-saving aerodynamics on a multi drop home delivery vehicle. The vehicle was tested independently at the Millbrook testing ground against an identical vehicle without the aerodynamic kit. The vehicles were tested at a constant speed of 40MPH, one … Continued

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2.1% additional fuel-saving for Tesco double deck trailers

Additional 2.1% fuel-saving for Tesco

The world’s top scientists seem to be pretty much in agreement about the dangers and the causes of global warming. The world’s populations are becoming increasingly strident and vociferous in expressing their concerns. Similarly, the world’s leaders are coming together in agreement about the scale and urgency of the problem. Level of CO2 continue to … Continued

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Aerodyne helps Reynolds Catering save over 20% of fuel costs


  Reynolds is one of the leading fresh fruit and veg suppliers and  wholesalers to the UK foodservice industry and catering industry. As a family owned business, Reynolds provides more than 3,000 different types of fresh produce and chilled foods from around the world, including more than 1,000 different varieties of fruit and vegetables. In … Continued

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12.5% for Vion Food Ltd

12.5% fuel saving

Aerodyne Equipment was asked to come up with an aerodynamic solution to lower-than desired mpg figures that Vion Foods were suffering from their DAF CF Sleepers, both  tractor and rigid. The challenge was that, along with their other food and agriculture interests, Vion operate chick hatcheries, and temperature control is vital when the day-old chicks … Continued

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