6.5% for Palmer and Harvey McLane Ltd

6.5% fuel saving

Aerodyne designed a bespoke air deflector kit to suit the Solomon’s Slipstream body for Palmer and Harvey.  The top deflector moulding had to blend in with the radius on the body roof and sit down low on the cab roof for maximum aerodynamics.

This new Air kit was an advance for P&H, who reported an increase of 0.25KM per litre over against the previous vehicles with no air management airkits – a fuel saving of 6.5%


“Palmer & Harvey have fitted Aerodyne’s air management kits to the latest ambient rigids.  The average fuel       consumption has improved from 3.85 KM/litre to 4.1KM/litre, equating to a fuel saving of approximately 6.5%”  Rhys Thomas, National Transport Manager


Vehicle Type KM per Litre before KM per litre after Fuel Saving (%)
Mercedes Axor SE Day cab 3.85 4.10 6.5%