6.9% for Hargreaves

6.9% fuel saving

Aerodyne Equipment was asked to come up with an aerodynamic solution to improve on the Scania factory fitted air management kits. Following fitment and successful operation of the vehicles with the new air kits from Aerodyne, Hargreaves reported fuel savings in the region of 6.9% additional to those received from the factory kit. These results … Continued

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6.2% for Derek Cooper Transport

The Fleet Operator was running Volvo FM tractive units with 4.5 metre high trailers, the Factory-supplied air management kit was not high enough to give efficient air flow over these very high trailers.  Volvo’s Norwich dealership called Aerodyne in to help address this problem. Aerodyne designed, tooled and produced a suitably high kit, and supplied … Continued

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2-3% for Gist

2-3% fuel saving

Brief: To improve the aerodynamics on tractive unit pulling excessively high trailers where the factory supplied kit was not dimensionally adequate. Solution: Aerodyne utilised and fitted the very highest combination available for the Scania range to deflect air better over the top of the trailer. Reported Results Fuel Saving Improvement over factory fitted kit 2-3% … Continued

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