How to stay cool when it comes to truck fridge maintenance

When you operate a fleet, there’s always an element of juggling to tick every box and achieve the best performance and return on investment. Vehicles need to be fit for purpose, easy to maintain and cost effective to run. Maintenance can be especially tricky, especially when vehicles have added complexity with additional machinery or technology on board.

Let’s look at refrigerated vehicles. There’s an even greater need to stay on top of maintenance with these trucks as your cargo is also at risk if anything goes wrong. The extra functionality of course means there’s another moving part which needs regular maintenance and, as it’s traditionally sited on the roof of the cab, accessibility is a considerable issue.

For most truck manufacturers, balancing aerodynamics and issues such as access to parts is a tricky job. At Aerodyne, we’ve recognised this and designed our Aerocool Fridge Friendly (FF) and Fridge Engineer Friendly (FEF) Airkits as the perfect solution. As you would expect from our products, they can be retrofitted and work particularly well with 3.5 ton and HGV rigid trucks.

The FF airkits bring back the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle, mitigating the fact that the fridge is mounted above the cab. The FEF airkits take things a step further, providing easy access to service the fridge. This makes working at height much safer, and all without compromising on your aerodynamics.

How do the FF and FEF Airkits work?

The FF Airkit is a bespoke modification which extends fuel-saving for refrigerated trucks by up to 10% and, because we believe strongly in our products, we offer a free fuel-saving survey on your fleet before you buy. If we can’t save you money, we’ll tell you.

The FEF Airkit is designed so that the deflector hinges to allow access to the fridge unit in less than 60 seconds. This provides access to a ‘catwalk’ which enables the engineer to get safe and easy access to all parts of the refrigeration unit. It mitigates both health and safety issues and the risk of fridge failure which could be catastrophic for your cargo and your business.

Our FEF products are steadily developing to allow for ever-increasing complexity and higher health and safety standards but, because of our unique expertise, aerodynamics are not forgotten either.

Why should I fit an FF or FEF Airkit?

Our Airkits offer so many benefits for refrigerated fleets – all of which add up to increased peace of mind. As a fleet operator, you are under increasing pressure to meet stringent environmental requirements, not to mention the ongoing return on investment calculations. By using Aerodyne products, you are guaranteed to maximise on fuel savings but with FF and FEF airkits we offer the added bonus of efficient access to the fridge (without the need for tools) and easy, safe access for servicing due to our adjustable, non-slip safety walkway.

As you’d expect from a market leader, the kits are fully bespoke and designed to suit your specific fridge and fleet.


To find out more and for your free fuel-saving survey, get in touch with us on or call 01778 422000. It’s time to cut the carbon, not the convenience.