Aerodyne 101: A lesson in truck aerodynamics

One of the biggest sources of pollution comes from the global transport sector. Aerodyne works to reduce these emissions by helping truck fleets become more aerodynamic.  

Our fuel-saving, aerodynamic devices have an immediate and guaranteed impact on emissions. By changing the shape of the vehicle, Aerodyne’s fittings reduce drag and improve the control of airflow – therefore saving engine power, fuel, money and the environment.  

We have the largest range of aerodynamic products on the market. They’re available across almost all vehicle makes and models, and they’re simple to fit and don’t require a complete overhaul to your truck’s structure.  

What are the most common aerodynamic products? 

Here’s a rundown of Aerodyne’s standard aerodynamic solutions and what they can do for your vehicle. 

1. Cab Top Deflector 

Fitted to the top of the cab, our cab deflectors come in a variety of fixed or adjustable height options. They help control the flow of air from the front of the cab up over the body of the trailer. These devices reduce the air resistance of the trailer and are proven to significantly save engine power.

2. Cab Rear Sidewings 

In much the same way as the cab top deflector, sidewings minimise drag on the truck by guiding airflow around the side of the body. They also fill in the gap between cab and body.  

We recommend buying the cab top deflector and rear sidewings together. When used in conjunction with one another there is a significantly greater reduction in drag than if just one device were used.  Buying both together is known as our full Air Management Kit (AMK). Find out how we helped Waitrose equip their fleet with an Air Management Kit.

3. Chassis Sideskirts 

As well as having visual appeal, chassis sideskirts work to prevent air from flowing beneath the vehicle and slowing it down. Instead, they control the flow and push it towards the back of the truck. Sideskirts are easily fitted under the trailer / the chassis and between the wheels.

4. Vortex Generators 

In the same way as they do on aircraft, vortex generators create downforce on the vehicle and help air move across it as quickly as possible. They are small vanes that attach to a lifting surface at the rear of the vehicle and delay the point at which flow separation occurs. 

. . . 

Our aerodynamic parts can be used by the majority of makes and models of truck. We can fit to new models or retrofit to older ones. Using this kit to improve performance is a great way to improve your carbon footprint before switching to alternative fuels (and they also work with electric vehicles because they increase the range and therefore the distance between charging). 

You can trust Aerodyne for truck aerodynamics. To view our entire product range and to find out more click here