6.2% for Derek Cooper Transport

The Fleet Operator was running Volvo FM tractive units with 4.5 metre high trailers, the Factory-supplied air management kit was not high enough to give efficient air flow over these very high trailers.  Volvo’s Norwich dealership called Aerodyne in to help address this problem.

Aerodyne designed, tooled and produced a suitably high kit, and supplied to this haulage fleet, and to other Operators with FM Globetrotters pulling high trailers.  Volvo Norwich told Aerodyne that as a result, the operator achieved ‘half an mpg’ better fuel economy than with the lower Factory supplied kit.  Vehicles that had been doing 7mpg on heavier load were now getting 7.5mpg, and those on lighter work saw the figures rise from 8.25 to 8.75mpg.

This equates to an average fuel saving of about 6.2%.

Vehicle Type Fuel Saving (%)
Volvo FM Tractive Unit with 4.5m trailer 6.2%