Aldi save additional 3%+ fuel & carbon on tractors!

Helping Aldi be better everyday

Aldi is one of Britain’s fastest-growing supermarkets, with more than 990 stores and around 40,000 employees.

Aldi are building a brand that ‘makes the everyday amazing’ offering the highest quality at guaranteed low prices, a smarter way to shop. Along with values centred around fairness and respect, it’s a natural extension to discover it is working hard behind the scenes to reduce its carbon footprint.

Aldi’s Commitment

Aldi are aiming to reduce their overall GHG emissions by 26% by the end of 2025. They are also committed to encouraging their supply chain to work towards science-based emissions targets by the end of 2024.

In terms of transport, they have highlighted fuel consumption as making up nearly two-thirds of their carbon footprint and see optimisation of various areas as critical to success.

They are focused on 4 main goals:

  1. Using lighter vehicles with improved aerodynamics and more fuel efficient tyres;
  2. Utilising double deck trailers to reduce the amount of journeys needed;
  3. Training drivers to drive more efficiently, using monitoring software to manage this;
  4. Making sure new trucks are as efficient as possible.

At Aerodyne, we’re delighted to be working with Aldi to help achieve their targets.

Aerodyne’s Role

Whatever we do for our clients, we always look for solutions that aid the achievement of Fuel saving and CO2 reduction targets without compromising on operational quality.

Often this means a bespoke Aerodyne solution for every client, and Aldi was no exception. We assessed their fleet requirements and proposed a custom top deflector to improve on the original OEM product shown below.

Having carried out a number of tests in the fleet we are delighted that this has been a successful project, resulting in significant return on investment:

  • 3% fuel saving on lower single deck trailers;
  • 6% fuel saving on the dropped front double deck trailers;
  • Enhanced aesthetics

*This is in addition to any savings made by factory fitted option!

Aldi have now specified the Aerodyne deflector as standard. Aerodynamics have become a key part of their strategy for operational and environmental efficiency. Aerodyne look forward to exploring further aerodynamic opportunities with Aldi in pursuing a greener future.