Message received and understood


Any fleet of vehicles are an extremely powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal.   According to figures from the Department for Transport, commercial freight traffic has seen the greatest increase in recent years (compared with other types), and that figure is climbing year-on-year – the use of vans alone is up 38% from the year 2000.  Many of these vehicles represent an untapped resource for marketing, with some estimates suggesting that in heavily populated areas such as London a vehicle advertisement could be seen by up to 3,000 people per hour.  Vehicle image has the advantage of other forms of out-of-house marketing; like a traditional billboard, it offers an advantage over television, radio and Internet advertising in that viewers can’t change the channel or block it – it is simply an innate part of their environment.

Moreover, it has the added pluses of being mobile, extremely cost-effective: you pay only once to have the advertisement put on the vehicle, and then enjoy its benefit for considerably more time than most other forms of paid marketing.  Also offering a very broad reach at no additional cost to the client (since in general the branded vehicles would be travelling around being seen by the public as part of their usual duties either way).

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